Tuesday, March 20, 2012

explore minahasa highland

explore the best of minahasa highland and stay with onong palace resort.
climbing volcanoes,mahawu,lokonvolcano,soputan volcano and explores nice villages and their activities in woloan vilage where they are making wooden house industry as traditinal minahasa house,pulutan villages in they daly activitiy make potary,visit tondano lake as caldera of volcano,linow lake,waterfall in kali,tinoor,and tincep,nice ricefield,hotspring in toraget,try minahasa spicy after visit tomohon extradinary market.and from minahasa highland you can explore lovely tangkoko nature reserve,bunaken national park,pulisan beach,gangga island,bangka island and thebest and thing to see in under water lembeh strait for muck dive.
ask pak onong. pak onong is not only owner of onong resort but he is legal tour guide in north sulawesi.
he is member of indonesia tourist guide association north sulawesi board as member of world federation tourist guide association.
if you to stay onong palace resort
contact pak onong reservation.www.tomohon-onong.com
mobile phone:+62 812442362

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